Shizaya game in progress

2012-10-02 17:33:06 by Choko17

Hi there everyone....some people must be Is the game progressing...
SO i´m finally going to answer that...=w=
Yes it´s progressing good....still have a lot to do.....and lot to draw......
Sorry for not responding to the messages of my voice-actors and other people.....Lately I have been very sick...
Because of school....and I´m so busyy!!!!
It´s still going to take some time finishing the game...but here ya have a little image of it ;3
Sneek peak time ~~~~~:3
Female shizuo being molested by izaya xD

Shizaya game in progress


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2012-10-02 18:29:02

Time to burn the cow.

Choko17 responds:

the hell? xDD