I created a deviantart account!!!

2012-10-07 14:09:00 by Choko17

Please come check it out!!!!
And for the people who have a deviantart account please watch me!!!! x3
I would appreciate it very much <3333
Here is the link for it ----->http://choko17.deviantart.com/
It´s still kind of empty......but I will update more drawings soon ^^"
So please watch me in deviantart.. pretty please? x3

I created a deviantart account!!!


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2012-10-07 14:27:04

cool :D

Choko17 responds:

thanks :3


2012-10-07 17:07:18

nice, very talented :-3

Choko17 responds:

gahh <333 thanks <333


2012-10-11 15:37:58

I'm watching you.

Choko17 responds:

thanks x3


2012-10-23 15:34:02

love ur art id put in a frame

Choko17 responds:

Thanks ^///^


2012-10-30 01:28:03

its about time jk^^

(Updated ) Choko17 responds:

haha :P