Fakku or douin-moe us?

2013-08-24 13:09:58 by Choko17

sooooo when I read hentai I usually read it in fakku.net ( a very popular website) but lots of people say that doujin-moe has more translated doujins than fakku....But i dont really know if that site is safe or not (I have a serious phobia of viruses)....what do you guys think?


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2013-08-24 20:55:21

Well... I have been to both and I must say doujin-moe hasnt ever given me a virus. They just re-did there whole site as well which is cool also. As long as you have ad blocker installed I dont think you would get a virus.

Choko17 responds:

thank you :D!


2013-08-27 17:29:32

personally I prefer yaoihavenreborn

Choko17 responds:

kk thank you!


2013-08-31 11:29:49

If you're really paranoid, get norton, it checks websites beforehand to see if they're safe or not.


2013-09-12 18:11:09

also, how's shizaya coming along… hope you haven't forgotten.