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1HG: Hikki 1HG: Hikki

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

I liked the game , and the storyline is unic but I think the controls could be better...and the hand minigame was kind of hard >.<

1HG: Hot Summer Nights 1HG: Hot Summer Nights

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

I liked this game a lot.... First I was very confused after you finger the girl in the pool, she goes away and you can´t catch her..... I didnt know what do next.
After a several tries I finally beat this game..
Here is what you have to do.....
FIrst night- You meet the girl in the pool and you end up fingering her then you go to sleep....
Second night- Look around for her....(with you swimsuit on)then go to sleep..
The next night- You put your swimsuit, and go to the pool to see if she comes... until your mom comes and tells you to go home...and you go home and sleep.
The next night- You go to the pool again and you see her, but she runs away, then you go to sleep.
The next night- You go again to the pool ad you see the girl´s father and he threatens you to never see the girl again, then you go to sleep.
then the next night the girl appears in your house saying "meet me under the stairs " you go to the stairs on the left side, and you see her and kiss her...
Then your mom caughts you then you go to sleep.
The last night- you see the girl and see says "follow me" and you have to follow her.
You go to her house and have sex with her.
Thats all you have to do....
Hope this helped ;)

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