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Merry Christmass!!!

2015-12-24 12:11:24 by Choko17


Thank you guys!

2015-04-05 06:57:04 by Choko17

I've finally reached 1,000 fans!

Thank you all and good easter! XD

Happy new year!

2014-12-31 20:44:43 by Choko17

I hope you all have a happy new year with lots of health and money! XD

I got scouted again XD!

2014-11-23 11:17:37 by Choko17

I'm so happy! Thank you Miroko for scouting me ,and for the people who supported me :).


I got Unscouted....

2014-11-22 09:21:33 by Choko17

I just received this morning a p.m saying that I got unscouted from the Art Portal..

I'm feeling really sad and confused because of this....I mean I didn't break any rule...and I don't think my art is that bad so...

I' m back to being an unscouted artist....Oh the joy.....*sigh* 

Thank god!

2014-10-13 09:55:38 by Choko17

I have been gone forever  because I had some problems with my internet but I'm back.

I will post more of my shitty drawings soon :)

Worst webcomic I have ever seen

2014-08-10 21:21:39 by Choko17

Yesterday I was looking at the badwebcomics (I'm usually there since it's an amusing site to pass my time) and I found out about this comic called U.s Angel corps.

Now me being the curious little shit I am, I read about it and googled some images...and oh god have mercy....This has to be the worst shit I have ever laid my eyes on......God..Just...Disgusting...

Please guys don't google this shit....basically it's a comic where woman are raped , tortured ,mutilated ,all that gross guro shit ....God just repulsing....


I'm gonna need some bleach to delete this shit of my system......



Commissions open!!

2014-06-30 06:53:17 by Choko17

Guys I'm doing comissions because my family is kind short in money right I decided to help them.

If you are interested go here---->


2014-03-23 13:40:58 by Choko17

School is absolutely frying my brain.....

Fakku or douin-moe us?

2013-08-24 13:09:58 by Choko17

sooooo when I read hentai I usually read it in ( a very popular website) but lots of people say that doujin-moe has more translated doujins than fakku....But i dont really know if that site is safe or not (I have a serious phobia of viruses)....what do you guys think?